The sweet journey of a “Pâtissier” unlike any other!

Christophe Adam’s biography could be seen as nothing more than a steady progression towards an impassioned gourmet discovery…. Inspired by pastry from the age of 16, Christophe’s story is one of a quietly successful young man who created a line of pastries at the patisserie Legrand in Quimper, in his native region of Cornouaille when he just left school. 

Two years later, he went to London to work in the renowned Gavroche studio, the first three Michelin stars restaurant outside of France, where he developed his creative flair, the absolute requirement for upscale gastronomy. Then he moved on to work at the Roux brothers’ patisserie.

Few months later, Christophe Felder offered him a job at the prestigious Hotel Crillon in Paris giving him the opportunity to develop his taste for luxury through his exceptional creations. He worked for three years alongside Laurent Jeanin before leaving again, to take the position of Head Chef at Palace Beaurivage in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

He returned to Paris in December 1996 and started his career at Fauchon, alongside Sébastien Gaudard and Philippe Givre, just before the departure of Pierre Hermé. Christophe’s energy gave the patisserie section of ‘Maison Madeleine’, a luxury house on “Place de la Madeleine” in Paris, an incredible boost, after what he became the head pastry chef in 2001. This was the beginning of the creation of delicious éclairs, which inspired him the idea of opening éclair shops in 2012. He was the pioneer of “snacking chic” spirit (chic snacks) which started with the opening of a Fauchon bakery in 2007. During 10 years he managed the opening of new Fauchon shops in Monaco, Bordeaux, New-York, Moscou, Pékin, Dubaï, Tokyo and Casablanca. 

After an adventure of 15 years as Head Pastry Chef, Executive Chef and then Creative Director, Christophe Adam left Fauchon to work on larger scale projects which allowed him to express his creativity in new fields: tailor-made creations, consulting for the prestigious leaders of the industry, and opening his own boutiques…

Indeed, in 2012, Christophe opened a new pastry concept, L’Eclair de Génie, in the famous trendy Parisian place “Le Marais”. In his shops, we can find originals éclairs and many chocolate products such as bar chocolate, chocolate spreads, candies... Three years passed since the opening of the first shop, during which the creativity of Christophe did not yield. With 9 shops in Paris, L’Eclair de Génie continues its international development with the opening of new shops with 5 corners in Japan, 4 shops and 1 corner in Hong Kong, 3 shops and 3 corners in Milan-Italy, 2 corners in Moscow, 1 shop L’Eclair de Génie Café in Vancouver + Qatar + Tbilissi in Georgia. 

In 2017, Christophe Adam opened his first restaurant called “Dépôt Légal” in the center of Paris, near the famous Gardens of Palais Royal.

He is also the author of several pastry books to show his work and talent, published by La Martinière editions (Eclairs, Tartelettes, Very Important Pots, L’Eclair de Génie, Caramel, Workshop l’éclair, Pomme, Framboise, Citron, Chocolat, Fraise, Vanille) and by Ducasse editions (Best Of, Puissance 10).

Alongside his activities, in 2005, he founded with the famous French Pastry Chef Christophe Michalak “Le Club des Sucrés”, with the objective to gather the elite of the French pastry to exchange the know-how of the biggest pastry chefs.

Following his success, Christophe Adam is elected Chef of the Year 2014 by the famous Pudlo Guide and received the price of “Best Cook of the year 2015” by the team Relais Desserts. This nomination established his reputation as a cook designer and recognized his daring touch of genius in his products. In 2017, Christophe Adam has been nominated at the 40th place by Vanity Fair with the grading of the 50 most important French People in the world.

This businessman-creator didn’t hesitate to be for the third time the jury of the famous TV broadcast “Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier ?” (Who will be the next best Pastry Chef) in order to pass on his talent and expertise! He’s also a cook editor on a French TV channel, during which every week he gives his pastry secrets.

Finally, this big-hearted pastry Chef is very invested as patron of Rétinostop foundation, against retinoblastoma.